The Shed

All my printing happens in my shed.  I've moved around a lot the last few years printing anywhere I could: in living rooms, barns, stables, the great outdoors, and even a disused print shop. The great thing about screenprinting is you can do it pretty much anywhere, and you don't need much space to get cool results.

I enjoyed moving around but now I'm glad to have the shed as Mandovi headquarters. It's cosy so I need to be careful keeping the wet, inky stuff away from the dry, clean stuff.


There are loads of articles, videos and podcasts online about screenprinting and how it works. This old but nicely illustrated BBC Bitesize page explains the basics. You'll spend most of your time making the screen and relatively little time printing. But lifting a screen after a squeegee pull (or push) is a little bit of magic every time.


A bit on ink. I've got a small shop and only one single-colour press so things are simple.  I prefer water-based inks because they're easy to clean and don't need any bad chemicals or solvents. The final print on T-shirts and hoods also has a cool, soft feel. I use a few different ink brands but Permaset Aqua, and Ryonet's Green Galaxy have always been solid and reliable.


I do my best to print on well-made, good quality clothes and merchandise. I also want to make sure the people who picked, ginned, spun, wove, dyed, stitched, and finished the clothes weren't cheated, done out of pocket, or trodden on in the process.

I buy my blank clothes from the people at Mantis and Continental Clothing because I like how they do things.