The Shed

My workshop is in a wooden shed.  I've moved around a lot over the last few years printing on dining tables, in barns, outdoors, and in a building that used to be a proper print shop (we couldn't hang around).  But happily the shed in the back garden has now become a more permanent print shop for Mandovi.  It's even got a sign over the work bench.

The space isn't huge so I'm always battling to keep the wet, inky stuff away from the dry, clean stuff. Picking up a sweetly-printed t-shirt with inky hands isn't good for anyone.


There are loads of articles, videos and podcasts online about screenprinting and how it works (this very old but beautifully illustrated BBC Bitesize page explains the basics), so I won't bother re-hashing it all here. It's a versatile form of stencilling that I enjoy, and lifting a screen after you've pulled the squeegee is a little bit of magic every time.


A little about the ink I use.  Because I've got a small shop and only one single-colour press my needs are simple.  I also like things that are easy to clean and avoid using harsh chemicals. Water-based inks tick all the boxes AND they have a good soft feel on the garment when you're wearing it. I use a few different inks but Permaset Aqua have always been solid and reliable.


Printing takes time.  Sometimes a lot of time.  And I want to make sure I'm spending this time printing on to well made, good quality clothes and merchandise.

I also want to make sure the people who picked, ginned, spun, wove, dyed, stitched, and finished the clothes weren't cheated, out of pocket, or trodden on in the process.  Nobody wins when that happens.

I respect the handiwork of the people at Mantis and also Continental Clothing (check out their Earthpositive, Salvage and Fair Share ranges).