Screen printing

I love screen printing and I’ve a lot of love for the generous community of print folk out there sharing the knowledge.

Special mention to Jaleel at Clapham Print House and the crew at Harvey Lloyd for your generosity.

Have a look at how screen printing works.

The shed

I’ve printed in living rooms, barns, stables, al fresco, and in a disused print shop. The shed is now Mandovi HQ where all the printing happens.


There’s not much room in the shed so I keep things simple with a single-colour print arm. On clothing I use water-based inks including Permaset Aqua, and Ryonet's Green Galaxy.


I put time into finding well-made, high quality garments. I want to know that the people who picked, ginned, spun, wove, dyed, stitched, and finished the clothes were treated fairly and paid a fair price for their work. My garments come from the good people at Mantis and Continental Clothing.